Saturday, January 11, 2014

Beach Resort in SihanoukVille, Cambodia 2014

The race is on for new resorts in SihanoukVille and the Surrounding Islands.

Sokha Beach Resort and Independence Resort are still the two King's of SihanoukVille's Mainland.
Songsa Private Island still rules the Islands.

A number (about 30+) of smaller "resorts" with swimming pools are here now, with a few more in the works.  Just in 2014, four more of these smaller resorts have opened already!

Several of the "Resorts" on the island don't have pools.  They think the tropical blue ocean is all they need.

You can find out more at
SihanoukVille Beach Resorts

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

SihanoukVille, Cambodia's Beach Resorts in 2011.

SihanoukVille's beach resort scene is expanding as planned.

The islands are all opening up (except for Mirax Island which has been open quite some time now)

The bridge to Morakot Island (Snake Island) is finished, and construction begins on the island

Both Sokha Resort Hotel and Independence Hotel have finished and opened several (hundred) new rooms and are finishing up additional buildings.



No information on the second hotel being built by the Sokha group on Ocheteaul Beach.

Cruise ship arrivals to SihanoukVille sometimes occur a few times in a week.

Sokha Resort opened up Sokha Vegas Casino, just off the lobby of the hotel.

Several small scale resort have opened up around SihanoukVille

And the SihanoukVille Airport is scheduled to open late 2011 or 2012 for flights to and from Siem Reap.

Monday, March 8, 2010

SihanoukVille, Cambodia Beach and Island Resorts in 2010.

SihanoukVille, Cambodia is seeing a boom in it's resort and island scene in 2010.

Sokha Resort is doubling the number of rooms at it's current location, including dozens of bungalows on the lake, and building a 1,000 room resort a couple kilometers away.

Independence Hotel is also adding on new rooms, gardens and dining, and beach access, which will be finished by April 2010.

We've had a number of mini-resorts, smaller places with swimming pools, come on-line in the last few months.

None of SihanoukVille's islands, except for Mirax, have a full fledged resort, but in about 5 years, a couple dozen islands will.  A bridge, which will take 3 years to build is halfway through construction from the new marina to the island formerly known as Snake.

2010 looks like another busy year for SihanoukVille's Resorts.