Monday, February 25, 2008

New resort building update

Sokha's resort construction behind the golf course has slowed down a bit. This could be due to the $1 Billion new Sokha resort just starting on Bokor Mountain. First, they need to take 3 years to build a 30 million dollar road to the top. The Sihanoukville effort has graded the land that was once hills and ponds for the abandoned golf course.

The bridge to Snake (Russian) Island hasn't been started yet. But there are rumours.

The marina on Hawaii Beach is slowly nearing completion. Several of the condo's have been sold.

No news on any construction on the islands, but they have mostly been bought out by large consortiums, with promised golf courses, airports, casinos, race tracks, and the like.

it for now.

Saturday, February 23, 2008

Welcome to SihanoukVille

All about Mirax Resort, Sokha Beach Resort and Independence Hotel; SihanoukVille's 3 current resort hotels. And the new Sokha property on Ocheteaul Beach, the new Marina on Hawaii Beach, and the new waterpark/casino/resort on Otres Beach. Not to mention the island resorts coming up.